This was usually used after each and every basket and more so when the ball went out of the court. At around1930s the rules were changed and the jump ball was eliminated after each and every basket. This made the fans to cheer because of this change of rules. There were no backboards when the early baskets were introduced and rebounding was the thing of the past.

There was an additional of the backboards which were wooden in the year 1896.The main purpose for this was to prevent the fans from interfering with the ball in the balcony. The history of this type of sport is interesting and there is a lot to learn concerning this kind of sport.


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Naismith came up with some of the rules that were used when playing this type of sport. These set of rules were 13 in number and it was typed on two clear pages. After each goal, the game had to stop for the referee to climb and retrieve the ball from the target basket using a ladder. According to the founder of this game, if in case you want any new game to be popular, then you have to teach it in a small room like the way this man did. The students took this game of basketball to their respective hometown gyms. The original class had students from Japan and Canada and also United States of America. This made this type of game to spread faster. Within only two months after the invention of the game, the teams from various training centers of YMCA met and the first game which was so competitive started. The Armony Hill and the Central YMCA tied with a score of 2-2. The women were not left behind also.

A woman known as Senda Berenson Abbott came across a newspaper containing some information concerning the basketball and she decided to introduce this to women at a college known as Smith. By the year 1894, the annual spring game of Smith between the sophomores and the freshman was well attended by over one thousand women who were waving yellow and violet banners. Sunday Boston Globe were the ones who covered the game and according to the report that was released, it said that when having the sophomores won the game with a score of 13-7,the fans decided to hoist the captain on their own shoulders and they celebrated in the Northampton streets. At first, there was no exact number of people who were supposed to play this game. There were even some of the historians who claimed that, over 50 people could even play at a time. In the year 1900, there was an agreement that there should be only five members from each side and this was seen to be enough to play on the court at when playing. The most common play in those early years of this basketball game was the jump balls.

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